How to Savour the Favor

The wedding is over and your gifts are stacked high. Now a gift for the guest, before they say ‘Bye!’ Let’s get creative, and go with the theme. Whether it’s photos, candy, or cookies and cream!

Favors are getting more creative by the day-incorporating the theme of the wedding, satisfying the sweet tooth, and creating memories you can keep forever! So let's talk about simple gifts that are cost efficient, inspired and stinkin' adorable!
Satisfy your sweet tooth with a candy or cookie bar! Large, clear jars and candy can be purchased whole sale. Just add colorful ribbon and craft paper banners to add a little umph!
How about a photo booth with instant prints? Build a photo wall with old pictures of family members on their wedding days. Simple carpentry and wallpaper can give guest a snapshot to last forever.

Below is a local beer served in New Orleans and of course, Beignet mix! Stick with your theme. Look up local traditions and food to give your guest a souvenir from the host town. 


  1. A wedding I went to had an actual photo booth that you could use as many times as you want. When you got the pictures they were cut down the middle so half you could keep and half went into a scrapbook/guestbook for the bride and groom!!

  2. OMG you're on blogger now?! I'm obsessed with reading your blog. Love you & miss you sooo much

  3. this is soo cute! I wish i took pictures of the party favors my cousin had.. he had like dishes with all of this different kind of candy with ice cream scoopers and a little lacey bag to put them in!