Let's Get Real

OK…We (women of the free world) dream about our wedding early in life. We waddled around in our mothers heels, put towels on our heads in place of a veil, and used a giant hair brush for the blooming bouquet. When that special day comes our wedding is going to be beautiful, smart, fun, extravagant…wait one second…inexpensive too, right?

It’s time to get real. As the saying goes, we want what we simply can’t have. So, let’s talk about ways to save!

Flowers: Think outside of the box! While roses are beautiful, arrangements can be made that are inexpensive and show off your personality. Consider billows of fresh cut cotton mixed in with Texas tallow berries and large magnolias. Or how about cabbage roses, feathers, or wheat? Your florist can help you with your vision, just don’t be afraid to be a little different!

Venues: Although there are many plantation homes, barns, event centers etc. that cater to wedding events only, have you considered doing it yourself? Many home and land owners would be more than happy to make their place available to you and your guests and will ask for much less moo-lah! If you go this route it is in your best interest to have a ‘day-of’ wedding planner to be sure that everything is set up and in order, just how you envisioned it.

Music: Although bands are a great addition to a wedding, they can be extremely costly. Shop around for an awesome DJ who is familiar with weddings. You may also know a family member or friend that may be great at simple guitar pluckin’ and singing. This could be a nice option while the meal is being served.

Things not to skimp on: Photographer! This is your special day and you want it perfectly documented. Shop around. Photographers have different styles, some artistic, some traditional. Figure out what you like, who you like and show them da’ money! The photographer will usually give cost reductions to a couple who chooses to do their engagement and with wedding photos with them. Just remember, ask for discounts and deals. It can’t hurt!

Below are a few photos of how I rang in the new year (with my love, Jeff) and the incredible, Kate Middleton repleca engagement ring I recieved as a gift for Christmas. Thank you again for reading and Happy New Years! Until next time!

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