He's With Me

PDA...The dreaded acronym. I'm afraid it's ruined our view of what being in love is supposed to look like. We hold back, hold hands, hold off til' we're alone.

I think it's time to have an intervention.

Couples read carefully...if you love each other...show it! Not the yucky, gropey kind...but the unconditional, gaze in his eyes, hold him close kind. On your wedding day it can be hard to avoid the groomsmen getting toasted and the caterers being late but on this day take lots'a time to love each other.

Be yourselves. Be your loving, happy, thrilled, and giddy selves. Pictures aren't for poses...they're for gaining memories that are unexpectedly and wonderfully charming.


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It had to be You!

I've been itching to share some new DIY ideas with y'all and now I've brought the best! I'm sure on Pinterest you've come across some bridesmaid gift ideas but Ms. Analise Durr (soon-to-be Glover) has come up with some of the best!

Her 'Will You be my Bridesmaid' package has all the makings of somethin' yummy and fantastic! And best of all... affordable! Let me break it down for ya' real quick! 

This little booklet included the wedding date, dress information, and a shoe poem written by Ana...

Extra large paperclip with a simple addition of a ribbon. 

Awesome poem, right? 

Beautiful way to give your girls all the deets. 

Bridesmaid invitation complete with wedding date, location, and poem. 

Ribbon tied list of all her ladies! 

Everyone received a personalized hanger, found on Etsy, with a corresponding tag! 

Ana found it hard to resist getting one with her new last name. Precious! 

Handmade tag made with a stamp from Hobby Lobby, complete with a bow. 

The completed 'Bridesmaid Box.' So creative and thoughtful and sure to give all the belle inspiration!

Now go grab some glue-sticks and craft paper and get creative! Dream well dolls! 

Belle of the Blog 


Back to the Beginning

Analise Durr may be my soul-sister when it comes to the love of all things DIY. Not only is she stunning but her creative mind might be her most beautiful attribute. Tomorrow y'all will get to see the amazing bridesmaid gifts she put together but today it's all about Ana and Jay! Now, Jay is a total dream boat, and rather than me going any further, I'm guna' let Ana do all the talking about this one in a million man...

A little bit about A&J...

Jay & I met in October 2011 through a mutual friend, and now bridesmaid, Patricia. Jay had just graduated from medical school at the University of Arkansas (Go Hogs!) and moved to Birmingham to begin his residency at UAB. We were not interested in each other at first....it was not love at first sight. He was a handsome doctor and I thought, why waste my time? He says it showed (imagine that!) and the feelings were mutual. It didn't take long for his big baby blues & delicious dimples to change my mind, maybe it was worth a shot? We went to a charity ball together in December and as they say, the rest is history.

It has been a year of mushy, gushy, sappy, dripping with sweetness, heavenly love. Contrary to my premature judgments, and although he is the most brilliant person that I have ever met, he is also kind, humble, gentle and unassuming. He is wise beyond his years, hardworking and steady. He is the opposite of me and I adore him.

Many people ask when I knew he was the one. It's hard to put my finger on it because his sweet surprises and displays of affection were a daily event that sent me flying head over heels...over and over again. I couldn't keep up! Everyday it was flowers, flowers, flowers and more flowers.

He left notes on my mirror, hidden in my pockets, spelled out in my food or on the table with knickknacks...but when did I really know? It was Valentines Day, and as any spoiled lovebird would, I expected something grand, and as predicted, it was grand. It was everything I could have imagined. Roses, chocolates, candles, music, jewelry, and a fancy dinner with expensive wine ta' boot. It was perfect and I was over the moon. Still floating from the night before, I came home from work the next day to find more gifts, more flowers, and a card that said, "Every day is Valentines Day with you." The day after Valentines Day, that's when I knew. 

The engagement...

On July 28, 2012 he sealed the deal! We got in the car to head to my 'dad's 50th birthday party.' I noticed he was taking the scenic route and after a while I knew something was fishy. We ended up in the parking lot of Centennial's Women's Hospital. He told me that we were there because it was the hospital where I was born. He got out letters from my mom, dad & brother recounting my birth & happy times.

We got in the car and drove to my first house. He read letters from my mom, dad, brother & two sisters, all composing memories from our little yellow house on the corner.

We then went to our log cabin where there were more letters, more memories, and lots and lots of tears. 

The next stop was our family farm with the final letters from each person. My mind was flooded with the sweetest memories of such a blessed upbringing.

We finally made it to Nana & Granddaddy's for the party. As we walked up I noticed the balcony full of family and friends, including Jay's mom who lives 6 hours away. We walked up to the gazebo where there were tables full of mementos from the past year. Everything, even the tiniest details had been saved. We went into the gazebo and he told me that this was the last stop, going all the way back to the beginning - because we were standing in the spot where my parents said "I do" twenty something years ago...Where it really all began!

He got down on one knee and popped the question, and of course, I said yes.


Ok belles...pull yourselves together and wipe up your tears. Tomorrow check back to see the amazing 'Will you be my bridesmaid?' gifts Ana put together and how you can make your own. Happy Sunday sugars!