NOLA Fairytale

I figure for my very first post I should explain what I have mentally planned for oh… a mere 15 years, my dream wedding. The night would take place in New Orleans, LA. I want it southern, really southern. Vows assumed at an old plantation home surrounded by oak trees, magnolias, lace, and chiffon bridesmaid gowns. Now keep in mind that I am a devout sorority girl and with that comes my duty to have the Phi Mu flower in my wedding. But, did it have to be a carnation? Really? So I will somehow manage to sneak them in somewhere while I attempt to make it as elegant as the chandeliers hanging from the oak branches. Of course the food will be Cajun inspired and deserts will include beignets and petafores. I envision a horse drawn carriage and fireworks bursting after the ‘I do’s.’ Granted, I am dreaming big but it can’t hurt! When that day comes and the Southern Bells ring, I know it will be a day we will never forget.

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