Five Things : Southern Hospitality

Invitations: Check
Dress: Check
Photographer, Band, Food: Check

Looks like you've got all your ducks in a row, miss-priss! But you forgot one little detail that will make your out-of-town guests remember why they love ya so much. In the south we pride ourselves on being great hostess. We throw great parties, give adorable favors, and make sure you have lots of wine with a ball'a cheese. Why should this be any different for our wedding? 

Your out-of-town guests came over the river and through the woods to celebrate your big day so how's about you show them some appreciation with an affordable gift basket! And don't fret, I found some great options for even better prices! 


Pull out your colored pencils or grab a crafty friend to make maps of your town and it's hot-spots. Your guests may come a day early or leave a day late and might want to do some sightseeing. Take your sketches and favorite simple craft paper to a printer and boom...make-shift map!


If your wedding is in a warmer season, consider straw hand fans. I found these online for $3 each! 


Your wedding city is bound to have some sort of local beverage. Whether it's wine or beer, throwing some of this in the basket is sure to please. If it's beer, put 2 in a basket or get sampler bottles of the local wine. This should only total to $2-$4 per basket. 


Along with your drink of choice, throw in some local cuisine. Whether it's Hubigs Pies from New Orleans or Loveless Cafe jam from Nashville, your guest will appreciate a treat just for them! This pack of 3 is $8.95 so divvy 'em up for more to go 'round!


And to help them rest in a foreign bed, add a lavender sachet to go under their pillow. Here shows you an easy DIY way to make them! So precious, right? 

Pile 'em all in a cute tin basket ($4 at this wholesale site) and you've got a goodie-bag-to-boot! 

Belle of the Blog


Click, Flash!

I recently sat down with Amanda Hill, a Memphis photographer to discuss her thoughts on bridal sessions. It seems that more brides are taking time, a few weeks before the 'I Do's' to get some hawt shots in their dress. My thoughts are, you spend lots'o moolah on a dress you wear one day, right? So how's about you play dress up once before the wedding?

Now what do ya say we get a photographer's opinion on this? Amanda, let us in on what you're thinkin'! 

Every bride spends a lot of time and money on their wedding day, and one major expense is the dress. Once you've worn it on your big day, you preserve it or hang it in the closet to collect dust until it's time to sell it or pass it down. I'm a firm believer that your dress is worth more than a one-day-deal.


At AM Photography we love to capture you in your wedding dress outside of your wedding day. One awesome reason is because, during your session, you are not limited to your venue. You can go anywhere! A romantic shot at the beach or a night-time photo downtown makes for beautiful memories that we can capture for a lifetime. AM Photography includes 2-3 different locations in our sessions. We also offer professional makeup services by Brickology and hair-styling by Sonya Miller

It is never too late to have a bridal session. Whether you've been married 2, 10, or 30 years, this is something you can choose to do for yourself! What better way to celebrate a long and fruitful marriage? 

What are you thinking, belle? Is this something your planning for? It's time to consider getting your model on, y'all! 


Busy Belle

Holy guacamole...It's been way too long y'all! In the past month ya' girl got a new job, new wedding gigs, and will be shipping more wedding dress canvases to brides-to-be! (These are great gifts for brides and/or bridesmaids) 

If you need hair or make-up services or a cutesy personalized canvas feel free to message me at emily.southernbells@gmail.com for pricing and details! Last week I had the pleasure of working with Stacy Hale's bridal party and they were fantastic! Check out some pictures of their do's and the view from her suite. Needless to say, the afternoon was the bomb.com.

Coming up soon: Wise words from a Memphis photographer and what grooms need to know about the mind of a lady before tying the knot! It's gonna be good!