Trendy vs. Timeless

OK, it’s time to tackle the ever feared bridesmaid dress. As I contemplate why there is such a stigma attached I have to consider possible reasons why they tend to be totally treacherous. Is it the selfish nature of the bride rearing her ugly head? Could it be that the bride is making a deliberate point to make her best friends look less beautiful than herself? Could it be the simple mistake of going with the trends of the time? Lace and floral in the 70’s, metallic and shoulder pads in the 80’s, and just plain ugly in the 90’s.

So how can you choose a dress that will be timeless, beautiful, and great for every maid? I have a few tips that might help in your time of decision making! The a-line dress cut is your best bet to look good on all body shapes. This accentuates the waist, cinching right below the bust and creates a subtle silhouette. If you are staying away from floor length gowns, keep the hem line right above or below the knee. As always, alterations will be the bridesmaid’s best friend. The perfect fit can make just about any dress look great. Solid colors and simple, structured lines will keep the dress timeless. Let the ladies add their own personal touch when it comes to hair and make-up. They know what looks good on them so don’t be afraid to loosen the reigns!

Whatever you choose, ask yourself “Would I wear this?” Always keep your wedding gifts in mind, what dress you choose may be the difference between a fruit basket and Waterford wine glasses.

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