Allye's Engagement at Aly's Beach

Ah... Ms. Allye. A beautiful girl with comparable humility is engaged and I couldn't miss the opportunity to hear more about it! Avoiding the fact that Allye and her fiancĂ©, Cameron are the cutest couple south of the Mason-Dixon line...I knew her story was going to be worth telling.  Prepare for chill bumps and a warm heart. 
This is better than buttered biscuits and sweet tea, belles and beaus.

Before we get started let's get to know you a little better! Got a favorite southern city?

My sweet home of Franklin, Tennessee of course! It truly doesn't get better  than the farmland, the sweet homes, and the charming shops in Franklin. 

Any southern comfort foods you flip over? 

I'm always on the look out for fried pickles. I crave starch- mashed potatoes, twice-baked potatoes, french fries... Oh, and I can't cook but I can make a mean pecan pie from scratch. (A girl who can down potatoes and bake pie is good in our book!) 

Tell us how this love story began

On the very first day of college classes! I was a nervous freshman, fifteen minutes late to the first class of my college education. I awkwardly stumbled into a room full of responsible, timely students- as all eyes were on me; he was the first person I noticed. Boy, was he cute! Lucky for me, the only open seat was next to him. I was too shy to strike up conversation, but fate would put us in the same project group a few weeks later. I was ecstatic. I'd notice him from across the cafeteria, I'd search for him at football games, I'd go places hoping he'd be there too. After our first real meeting, we connected instantly. We rushed through the 'just friends' stage and began dating in January of the following year. We've found it hard to spend one minute apart since. I laugh at how girlish and boy-crazy (not to mention infatuated!) I was when I first met him. I usually work really hard to appear calm and collected, but I was just too taken by him.

We're already melting inside, now tell us more about the guy! 

Cameron has the kindest, most gentle soul of any man I have ever met. He is bold and courageous in a humble and unassuming way. He loves me fearlessly and fully without any expectation of that love being returned. He gives me the space to be sad, to be angry, to feel hurt, but constantly encourages a joyful, laughter-filled, and forgiving relationship. He has healed the wounds of past relationships that left me feeling shameful and mistrusting by extending loving grace and complete selflessness. He is proud of me- he adores me in a way I didn't think was possible and cares for me in ways I certainly don't feel deserving of. I have learned from him, I have gotten to know my truest self because of him, and I have grown in beautiful ways since I have known him.

Now that we're all bursting with envy, how did Cameron propose? 

I'm a summer girl, so the beach is my happy place. My family, fiancĂ©, and I stayed in a house near Seaside, Florida for Spring Break this year. A few family members were staying down the beach, so we decided to meet up at Aly's Beach to take family pictures. Aly's Beach is a little slice of heaven in my mind. It's the perfect little seaside community with all white (yay!) homes and buildings. Cameron took me on a walk along the beach, as everyone else was supposedly getting ready to take pictures. As we walked he retold a sweet story from the beginning of our relationship and very nervously reminded me how much he loved me and how sure he was that he didn't want to spend a day without me. He got down on one knee and popped the question- it wasn't until later that he told me I didn't answer his questions for what felt like an eternity. I was shocked! Everyone came running down the beach and joined me with hugs, tears, and very loud screams. I am so thankful that I was able to celebrate such a special moment with family. 

We know you've got a great since of style! What's going to be the vibe at your wedding? 

A barefoot ceremony on the beach and an evening reception at Aly's. I want my guests to be comfortable, relaxed, and thoroughly enjoy themselves. Cameron and I like to keep it simple- we love good music, dancing, and yummy food. I want everything to be outdoors, everything to be lit up with bright lights, and everything to be white. I love old farm tables, cozy seating, candles, lanterns, and antique touches. I've got a shabby, rustic style and I hope our wedding will reflect that.

We love the all white theme! Any other colors you'll be incorporating? 

I know this goes against every rule of complimentary colors, but my favorite color combination is white and cream. I am a sucker for anything washed-out, pale, and creamy. My closet is primarily whites, off-whites, tans, pale blues, and grays. I would like our beach wedding to be calm, serene, and light, so my color palette will be totally white-washed! Right now I'm thinking white, cream, and a light robins-egg blue, but I wouldn't mind (small) pops of coral here and there- something fun to contrast all the white!

Any special or unique touches you'd like to incorporate? 

For the ceremony, we'd like to have a ukulele playing our favorite songs. Because Cameron and I are not just joining 'hands' but families and friends as well, our parents will be standing in front with us rather than watching from the aisle. There's a charming old-fashioned donut truck that serves homemade donuts at Aly's. We are hoping to have the donut truck at our reception rather than a cake. I love the idea of one or two long tables rather than several small tables, and since our wedding will have fewer guests we're hoping to have that family feel. Also, we'll have a cigar bar and a sangria bar for the guests enjoyment... we must have a cigar bar. I hope to incorporate many unique things into our wedding! We like to do things a little differently.

Thank you Allye for sharing your story with us! I think I speak for us all when I say you will make a beautiful bride! We can't wait to hear about your wedding, have fun planning, and take it all in!

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Family Tradition

A few days ago I was stumped.While trying to round up some good ole' southern wedding traditions there was one that had me scratching my head. So, I'll start with the burying of the bourbon and move on to some others we may be a little more familiar with!

Let's get started...

Burying of Bourbon
So the tradition goes, if you bury bourbon (unopened and upside down) where you will say your vows, it won't rain on your wedding day. This is to be done exactly one month prior to the nuptials to keep the clouds from cryin'! Since we love saying "I do" in the outdoors down here, this might not be such a bad idea.


Veil Pass-down
Need something old or something borrowed? Incorporate a family member's veil into your ensemble. Fortunately veils are pretty timeless so ask around, try 'em on, and save a few bucks!


Groom Pass-down
If your groom is keeping his suit, consider stitching a special pocket inside the jacket made of fabric from a father or grandfather's suit. Passed down pocket squares are also a quick way to include generations passed.

For where two or three of them come together in my name, there am I with them (Matthew 18:20). What better way to prepare yourself for the steps down the aisle, than a special moment of prayer over the bride and groom?

I'm sure if you look around in mom-mom's old cupboard, you're bound to find some great lace. I love this idea for the cake table!  

Dad's First Look
The love a dad has for his daughter is like no other. If your pops is a cry-baby like mine, have the photographer ready to catch his reaction when he sees you for the first time. Precious and heart-tugging.

Grandma's cookin'
If your grandma makes amazing fudge like mine, make it a favor! She will love to be a part of your wedding details and will surely be flattered that you want to share her talents with all of your guests!

Cake Pulls
The bridesmaids will love this! Cake pulls have a different charm at each end, nestled into the cake, with each meaning something different. Look around at bridal shows and boutiques for charms that represent the city you're gettin' married in! I must say, New Orleans cake pulls are some of the best!

The belles and beaus love tradition because it seems to bring the wholesome, good, use-to-be feeling to our special day and this can mean many things. Whether it's passed down lace for a cake table, your mother's veil, or your grandma's peanut butter fudge...it means something to you, and that will make for an original, beautiful wedding.


We Got Spirit! Yes We Do!

 Captured Photography
Hello my sport-lovin' belles! Whether you're a Rebel, Bulldog, Eagle, Tiger, or Tide, we all have an equal love of college sports. Sure, we may not know much but as long as we yell...
"Come on ref! You gotta be kidding me!" or,
"Nice slant route, 25!"
...we're covered while our beaus munch on game-day hors d'oeuvres and throw back a few cold ones.

I know that your wedding day is something you've imagined since you were a nugget-child and ya' man just plans on showing up but I've found some awesome additions you can incorporate to make him feel a part!

Did y'all meet in college or have a favorite sports team? Check out some chic ways to use sports without your reception lookin' like a man-cave.

To say I'm obsessed with these spirit flag centerpieces would be an understatement. Perfectly done. Not over the top, in a beautiful mix of spring flowers. Genius. 

While consulting in South Carolina I had the opportunity to assist in day-of coordinating for a wedding reception at Williams-Brice Stadium at USC. The Zone is a reception hall overlooking the Gamecock football field! Awesome, I know. Ask your school if they offer services like this. It's a great way to get all your college friends back for a night of celebration!

Craig Hewitt Photography
Have you considered a special gift for your guy the day of? How about a hand-written note exclaiming your excitement with spirited cufflinks as the associated gift!

Amy Carroll Photography
If you're having a seating chart, throw in a little school spirit with these seating cards...

Old-school get away cars are my fav! So classy and timeless. Show a bit of your personality with a decorative caboose. The one below hit the nail on the head! Creative and adorable.

The Decisive Moment
One of the easiest areas to show your school pride is through the grooms cake. Make this one a surprise for the beau. He'll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and of course every man loves sweets!

Jessica Horwitz
I've saved my favorite for last! Many schools have a specific flower. As for my alma mater, Southern Miss, we claim the Black-eyed Susan. This black and gold flower is close to all Golden Eagle hearts. Bringing in this in is an awesome way to subtlety show school pride, whether it's in the centerpieces or bouquets.

i am baker, confections and creations
Now, go grab your ole' faithful college tee, and get some school spirit! 

Go team! Go belles! 


Her Finest Memory

Freshman year of college, Ashton and I were the newbies who reluctantly volunteered ourselves for a sorority song competition. Although this was a competition involving the entire sorority, we got the chance to play a 'special' role, or that's what they told us. The theme was 'Christmas Around the World.' Luckily (and I say that with complete sarcasm)...we were chosen as the Sweden representatives. All while wearing suspenders, braids, and knickerbockers. This is one of my finest memories of Ashton...now it's time to share with you one of her finest memories, her engagement to Mr. Adam Hurst.

How did you and Adam meet? 
Adam and I met at a USM football game to which he told me weeks after was fate. He was headed to the game and forgot something in his truck. On his way he ran into me and my friends. If he wouldn't have gone back, we would've barely missed each other. Crazy!

What does your relationship with Adam mean to you? 
He is everything to me. I never knew until I met him what it meant to be loved and be in love. And how incredibly easy it should be.

Let's hear about the proposal!
I had plans for a while to go to dinner with some girlfriends. Adam asked if I could change plans so he could cook dinner for me. I agreed being the good girlfriend that I am! He cooked, started a fire outside, put on music and we had a glass of wine. He mentioned he needed to get his jacket from the car but came back instead with roses. I assumed it was for my agreeing to stay for dinner but he said he had something else for me. That's when my heart stopped. He pulled out the ring and got down on one knee (of course, my favorite part)! It all gets a little blurry after that but I remember him saying he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. It was perfect. 

Describe your dream wedding
When I first asked Adam what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go for our wedding his response was that it didn't matter where, just as long as I am there. That's my "dream wedding," being with him and seeing his face as I walk down the isle.

Any funny nick-names you wouldn't mind sharing? (We'll make sure Adam doesn't see)
What nick-names don't we have!? Turkey butt, stud muffin, sugar lips...just to name a few! (Side note: Turkey butt's got 'ta be my favorite -Em)

3 things you love, 3 things he loves...go! 
Me...horses, my puppy dogs, and Pinterest-duh.
Him...zombie movies, History Channel, and Oreos (nerd alert)

 Ashton ended our Q&A by saying, "I hope this helps! I'm so excited, yeeeehaaw!!" I think it's safe to say we got a good ole' southern belle ready to tie the knot with her gent. I'm sure I speak for us all when I say congratulations! You are going to make a beautiful bride and we wish you all the luck in your upcoming planning! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

(Check out Ashton's beautiful engagement ring under the Ring of the Week on the right side bar.)