Tie a Beau

                                                                                                                                 Southern Proper

As I was online shopping today (OK, online looking because I am a tight wad) I came across all of the patterns and designs that Southern Proper has to offer. So I thought...what bride doesn't like to give a good gift to her new hubby?

This is what I'm thinkin' so ponder with me for a moment... It's becoming common that the bride changes into a more comfortable, party dress for the wedding's reception. I think the men can do the same! Why not change out of that black tie and vest and switch into something that shows a little personality!

For a wedding gift, surprise your beau with a tie that not only says 'I love you' but 'I love who you are.' Southern Proper offers patterns with crawfish, trout, and bourbon & cigars (just to name a few).

And why not top it off with a basket of some fresh, new undies! Hey, you shouldn't be the only one with new nightly wear!

                                                                                                              Southern Proper

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  1. that is super cute! i am a young belle but when i find a nice young man i will be skipping to the cpu to buy him a southern proper beau tie, because if he can put up with me, he deserves it! haha!