I Love You To CenterPieces!

Hello belles! I know this post is a few days overdue but I am back and ready for some bloggin’ action!
Now although my recent trips to up north were snow filled and beautiful, it sure helped me remember why I love my warm southern states.

So back in my ‘southern’ mindset I start to think of perfectly pretty centerpieces that give a down-home feel to an uptown wedding. As usual, I am keeping cost in mind so here we go…

Mason jars are no longer for picklin’ or saving jam. Spruce them up with simple tea candles or a bundle of your favorite fresh cuts. These can be purchased at any grocery store at around $10 for a pack of 12! If you want to add a little extra consider gluing rows of hemp to the bottom half of the jars.

Next time you are in a small town, hit up some of the local antique shops. You are sure to find a variety of classic tea cups. Consider this vintage approach by placing 3 to 5 different tea cups filled with colorful peonies or roses.   

My last and most favorite centerpiece is a distressed birdcage! This will not only bring height to your tables but will add a structural dimension of creativity. Place a sheer ribbon through the top loop and fill the inside with single stem cylinders complete with simple flowers or wheat stems.

I hope you all enjoy the video below and try out some of these centerpiece ideas when your special day arrives! Until then I hope that your teacup overfloweth :)

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