A few days ago I took my child to the doctor (OK, I took my Volvo to get it's oil changed) and as I was waiting I watched Oprah. No more than five minutes later, yours truly is boo-hooin'. Yep, shedding tears in front of macho, greased up mechanics. So before I go any further on my explanation...check out what I saw.

I know this isn't the usual 'wedding' stuff I write about but above all I love...love! So I had to share! I hope this brightens your day as it did mine.



Hot Southern Mess

Today we are going from Southern Belles to Sexy Belles, ladies! It's time for all those who've got the wrong idea about boudoir shoots to hop in your car...head straight to Vicky's Secrets and get your model on! So why am I telling you about a phenomenal place called The Boudoir Vixen? Hello...perfect wedding gift for your future husband!

I think we all know that while the belles like diamond goodies, the gents like (well...) your goodies! The more I have heard about photographer, Courtney Dellafiora the more I fall in boudoir love. There are bundles of praises on her behalf!
(just check out the video below or click here for personal testimonials)

Now it's time for me to give you a little sneak peak of what The Boudoir Vixen is all about...

All photos credited to Courtney Dellafiora

So go ahead and give your beau a gift filled with a ton of bow-chicka-wow-wow. It's time for you to find your beauty and I'm confident The Boudoir Vixen has what you're looking for!

Your Southern Vix


I stumbled upon this pre-wedding/wedding video and smiled through the whole dang thing! I'm tellin' you...this couple has got 'it.'

Her smile is so beautiful and his love for her is so evident. I love the idea to email out a video a day before the wedding, thanking the guest and sharing in the excitement! Ask for all guest's email addresses when collecting mailing addresses and shoot them a video surprise 24 hours before your big day! How personal and perfect, right?

So go ahead...check out the video below and fall in love as I have.



My Mike

Hi lady-loves! So my good friend Michelle, aka Mikey has a wonderful wedding blog and I wanted to share a video and entry I found on it! Here you go...

What a creative way to capture all the {precious moments} of your special day!  From the preparation, to the ceremony, all the way through the reception, in less than 5 minutes!  Definitely something to show the kids!  And don't you just love how the stop motion effect captures all those perfect smiles?! Just precious!

-Michelle Moulden of All Tied Up wedding blog.


I'll Do it Myself!

Ok...my new obsession has been found and now I'm passing this gem off to you! DIYwedding.org is sweet, flirty, and magical and is now tabbed as my favorite. (go ahead...do it now!)

I don't want to bog you down with all the deets but I do want to share some of my favorite photos and ideas from the site and let them do the talking!

Some are cute and creative-and others are just photography at it's finest.

Love the bouquet and simple veil!

(um...can I have him?)

Perfect for a springtime wedding. I'm going nuts for nautical! 

On the reverse side is the wedding program but if you get warm, fan it up and if the rain starts'a pourin' it can double as a comical hat. Love. Love.

All supplies needed for this topper can be found for under $10 and your local craft store!

I adore this DIY pinwheel! Get some pretty craft paper, old buttons and hot glue and you got yourself a vintage inspired centerpiece!

I hope you are as inspired as I am! You can check out the website by clicking on any of the photos above! I am sure you will fall head-over-heels like I did! Chat soon!

Your SB