Wake Up & Smell the Coffee

Top o' the mornin' to ya lassies! I've got something you're going to pour over so ch-ch-check it out! I know y'all love some DIY tricks and this one's cheap, fun, easy, and...thebomb.com.

It's what we'll call dyed coffee filter pom-poms! Let's talk moolah...for 10 bucks you can get 1,000 coffee filters! With some string and fabric dye you've got yourself a to-dye-for decoration!

Take a look at just what I mean...


Just a Girl

Gia Canali & Sarah Remington
Now let's talk How To! Mix a large bowl of warm water and powdered dye. Dip individual filters in the dye for varying amounts of time to make lighter and darker tones, hang on a line and let dry. As flirty side-effect the die gathers around the edges, giving it a vintage, floral effect (so awesome!). Punch a hole in each, gather 5 to 10 filters, tie in place and fluff!

Molly Bermea
You could complete an entire room for less than $100! Go ahead and say it...Holy Moly! So going along with the theme of today check out similar creations with cupcake liners. Oh so retro.

Wedding 101
Too Stinkin' Cute

Now for my last hoorah...check out this bouquet of roses surrounded in...yep...coffee filters. Tell me it's awful, and I'll tell ya we are not on speaking terms.

The Coffee Filter Bride
So tomorrow morning, rather than grabbing your tall, non-fat, double, extra-hot, wet cappuccino head to Target, grab some coffee liners and get ta' craftin'! Love you lots ladies (and hopeful some gents)!

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On one more note...for an awesome summer read, please check out Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo. Truly life changing!


  1. Love this idea! It is so cute and unique! I love decorating and I will definitely have to use this as decorations for a dinner party or wedding shower soon!! Thanks for the post.


  2. em i love this!! i found a wedding video i thought youd like too its here :) http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2010/07/best-wedding-video.html

    anyways love your blog!!! mwah! http://xoxo-carolinalove.blogspot.com

  3. Ok how did they make pic #2?! Its soo pretty! And how much dye/water? And how many colors is that? Pink brown and then just normal?

  4. Palm Trees-Thank you for your comment! I love your posts!
    Dania-Loove the vid!
    Libby-Pic two was dyed with a red dye and the brown was tea (tea bags soaked in water). Dye for 5-10 minutes and when you hang the color goes to the edges and causes that rose-tipped look! Drying takes a looong time so prepare for 24 hours!
    Love, Southern Bells