Keep It Crafty

Newest addition to my bedroom wall! Made a stencil of a chevron zig-zag, traced, and painted. I left a few stripes blank to add gold glitter.  
Modern and glam.

My new obsession, thanks to Pinterest is burlap! So southern and simple, I could just about put it on anything! I was inspired by this DIY wreath and had to make one for my new apartment.

I recently had a black based lamp with a white, square shade. Jeff's mom passed down some brass candle holders so I decided to get some silver spray paint and go to town. I lightly sanded the lamp base and candle holders, wiped them down, and sprayed 2 coats of shiny, silver spray paint. As for the shade, I grabbed my glue gun and rippled layers of burlap around the square. I love both pieces so much! The lamp gives of a great glow and the candles give my room a splash of sophistication.

With my left over pieces of burlap, I decided to frame the swatches with my home states painted for display. I printed out the states, cut them out, placed it on the burlap and outlined with a white paint pen. Then, simply filled the inside with acrylic white paint. The frames were an outdated gold so I freshened them up with a few coats of shiny silver paint.

Before a trip home, I decided to make some happies for Barkleigh, my precious mini schnauzer. This recipe was a hit with my little man! You've got to try! Super easy and indredients can be saved for later! 

I know its a knock-off but this belle can't afford her own Blue Dog painting so I made one of my own! It's now proudly on display in the beau's room above his TV. 


Geaux Saints! Go Eagles! 

During my time as a Chapter Consultant with USC and JMU I spent a little extra time painting these cutesy letters! Some for winter, some for spring! For the houndstooth letters I cut out a stencil and traced that with pencil before painting. The others are just paintstrokes of pink with green leaves and black highlights.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my hometown. So I spent a day being a tourist and taking a few shots of my favorite places. I've got to get these framed! 

Fall wreath for momma-girl! 

Scrapbook of my year as a consultant! I saved all the notes from chapter members and pictures of special ladies I met along the way. I always pull this out if I need a pick-me-up!

A painting for Jeff after the Saints won the Super Bowl! I covered the canvas in tissue paper first to give it a more textured finish.