Do You Have What it Takes?

I am now 22 years old, out of college, and hitting the real world with full force. My professors prepared me for interviews, taxes, and spreadsheets but surely not what it takes to be an A+ bridesmaid.

I know this all sounds a little ridiculous but I am getting more wedding invitations than paychecks! So this poses my question, when given the honor to stand in a wedding, what are my duties?

Let’s start with the origin of the bridesmaid. In the 19th century, it was said that evil spirits would enter the nuptials with intent to curse the ‘I Do’s.’ The goal of the wedding party was to protect the bride and groom and surround them throughout the wedding.

Now, since we no longer believe in evil spirits intending to do harm (and no, your mother in-law doesn’t count as an evil spirit) the bride wants us there for support and assistance. And this doesn’t just mean on the big day.

First thing to note, whatever your bride loves, you love. This includes your camouflage dress or her decision to play “Feel like makin’ love” as the couple’s first dance tune. Suck it up and hush it up!

Ask her what she needs in preparation for the wedding. Offer to organize a bridesmaid get-together to assemble party favors or centerpieces. Initiative is key!

Plan a party! Although this is not required, it’s surely a nice gesture. Themes to consider: Stock the Pantry, Wine Tasting Shower, Lingerie, Garden Party, or Honeymoon Shower. Take creative reign with the shower and decor and ask guest to dress according to the theme (floppy hats, sexy pumps, or go for a clothing color theme).

Most importantly, be there for your bride. You are in her elite lineup because you mean something special to her! Show her that you care and you have her back. So get a tan, touch up your roots, and don’t lock your knees. I assume you’d like to pass on a pass out. Until next time belles!

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