5 Nonnegotiables

Inspired by the 10 Things that make me happy post, I decided to list my 5 Nonnegotiables. These are the 5 things I can't do without on my wedding day. Read on and send me your 5! 

In the bouquet, on the cake, or placed in a mason jar. All is fine with me!

The Phi Mu badge shape will have'ta show up somewhere!

Bow ties
Patterns make me melt. 

Photographer, Courtney Dellafiora
My favorite photographer based out of Baton Rouge and owner of The Boudoir Vixen. 

Ring Blessing
To have all close family members (grandparents, parents, and siblings) have time in the ceremony to say a prayer of blessing over the rings.


  1. My five would have to be-
    1 cowboy boots for the whole wedding party!
    2 black eyed susans
    3 camo garder!
    4 prayer from family
    5 my favorite country songs!

  2. Bowties are amazing!!
    -Britney of Lemonwood and Honey