I'll Cleave to You

This video was one of the first ever posted on Southern Bells. And every time I've watched it since, I hold back the urge to boo-hoo.

The vows are the killer. The girl is precious and her groom seems to absolutely adore her. Grab a hanky and join me friends. This one's good!


Man:  I give you my life this day in the presence of God and according to His will. I leave my father and mother and I'll cleave to you.

I will love you as Christ loves the church, giving my life to yours. I will lead and protect you, as we share our life with God, who gave us one another.

Wife: According to the will of God and my desire, I give myself to you. To be your wife and your friend and to stand by you as we share our life together. Leaving my father and mother, I now commit myself to you.

I love you and believe in your from this day forward.

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