Nola Belles & Bachelorettes

Since becoming a Louisiana native, I've picked up on a few things 'round these parts. Po' boy is pronounced as it's written, it's not just hot - it's humid, and everything's better with a little Tony Chachere's. I've posed as the typical tourist, prancing around the River Walk and indulging in one too many beignets [Fr. ben-yey]. And other than Vegas, I've become aware that New Orleans is the prime destination for bachelorette parties!

There's got'ta be a reason the belles keep coming back so I've done my research! Below are a few places to begin your party planning. Now get out your Lilly planner and get'ta writting!


Existing for over 200 years, beginning as a trading post off the Mississippi River, the French Market has evolved into the perfect place for open-air shopping.

Belles, brace yourselves. This is a 6 mile long shopping oasis. Magazine is filled with awesome boutiques, galleries, and restaurants ta'boot. This is 'uptown' shopping at it's finest. You will d.i.e.

Breakfast and Lunch

Established in 1862, this open-air coffee and beignet (an amazing powered sugar, donut-esque pastry) stand is open 24 hours! So you know what this means...shall your night turn into morning and you're needing a little grub, there is literally no better place to stumble upon. Seriously. I could eat my weight in these things! 

If you want to let your hair down and kick off your pumps, head over to Cooter Browns! Not only does this place cater to all your local cravings like po' boys, burgers, and seafood but they have a beer menu with over 400 selections! All southern girls love a beer-n-burger kind'a meal! 

The first time I met Jeff's family they took me here. Wow y'all. This place is stunning. The outside courtyard is something from a fairytale. The food is authentic Louisiana creole and they usually have a jazz band playing. I melt.  


Y'all...this is the best Mexican food in town. The atmosphere is amaze and the margaritas are even better! It's located in uptown, it's hip and swanky with great outside seating. 

I'm pretty sure this place is owned by the same peeps that run Superior Grill. Either way, it is nom-nom good. Jeff and I went here before the Lady A concert and I'm still swoonin' over the oysters and stuffed chicken! This is a little more expensive but oh-so-worth-it. 

Famous for their steak and burgers, Port of Call is located in the French Quarter and is casual and cute! 

If you want to be close to all the action, hit up Bourbon House. Located on Bourbon St. (no surprise there) this is a nice place to stop before your night's extravaganzas.  

Late Night 

Ah, Pat O's. Known for an incredible piano bar and famous Hurricane drink. Go here to start off your night with a bang! They have napkins all over the tables - all you have to do is right down a song request and send it up to the piano players. Yep, they'll play just about anything and you can sing along all night!

Gold Mine Saloon

This place is said to have the best dance scene! The combination of cheap drinks and 80's and 90's music will keep the belles dancing for hours!

The favored of all karaoke bars and the best time you'll have in a hot minute! Even if you're not into showcasing your A.I. skills, this place is fun, clean, and energetic. It's a must-go for any bachelorette party! 

Now go have some fun ladies and let the good times roll! XO!

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