Preparing Hearts

Looks like another gent fell victim to a beautiful, blonde, southern belle. Learn a little about Caroline, Westley and all their wedding details only on Southern Bells!

What southern staples make you drool?

Mashed potatoes and mac n cheese. Both veggies right? We'll pretend.

Where are your heart stickers on the US map? 

Charleston, St. Augustine (a lot of Westley’s family that I love live here so we visit every summer), and it may sound silly but, I love Myrtle Beach! My family has a home there so lots'a
fun memories have been created at the beach.

3 things we'd find in your closet...

I’m sort of a plain jane, hehe! If I find a shirt that I like, I buy it in 3 different colors. Other than my solid tops, I love a good sundress! However, if I could just be totally honest about it all, I am the happiest in my nike shorts and a t-shirt! Norts never get old. One in every color, please! 

What was the first thing you did to plan for your wedding?

Other than picking our wedding date 30 minutes after Westley’s proposed; I called and booked the reception venue the next day! I've always loved the Springdale House and knew I had to snatch it up quick!

Thoughts on wedding colors?

Aqua and Coral!

Did you take anyone special with you dress shopping?

Mom and I decided to run in Bella Vista and browse one day. After about 30 minutes, I had found the dress…and it was on sale!

Any areas you've been able to save some moolah?

I’ve found some great websites via Pinterest for buying burlap, mason jars, and paper lanterns in bulk for a great price! And, of course my dress! 

Give the readers your best advise about wedding planning...

If I could give any advice it would be to enjoy the planning process but don’t forget to prepare your heart for marriage. Being engaged is not only a time to prepare for the wedding but to prepare your heart to be united to one another for a lifetime! A dear friend of mine gave me the book, Inviting God to Your Wedding and I would recommend it to any bride. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the hoopla that comes with planning for the actual day, but honestly none of that will matter. I will marry the love of my life on July 28th and even if it rains on my day, even if the bouquets aren't exactly right, even if no one else even shows up, God will be present at our wedding and He will be glorified…and that is all that matters to us.

Caroline, thank you for sharing your deets and wisdom with us! Southern Bells wishes you all the luck in your planning and a marriage full of love and adoration.

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