What'a Catch

Looks like a catcher for the Baltimore Orioles has caught his belle...

Spring is in full bloom and so is the love between Brooke and Caleb! From the tiny snip-its I've received, Brooke hopped on a plane yesterday to visit her beau. Caleb and Brooke's family weren't far behind...covertly headed to one spot on the map to see the engagement!

I want to save all the deets for when Brooke can tell you the whole story but for now here's a glimpse of some post-engagement photos. And, from what I hear, Caleb hired a photographer to go all 'secret-ops' to get the whole engagement on film! I know... I can't wait to see the pics either!

Congratulations Brooke and Caleb! We can't wait to hear more about the engagement and wedding planning! 

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