Keep Calm, Your Time Will Come

Are you in the 'life stage' I'm in? The twenty-something stage where everyone around you seems to be committed, engaged, or married? It's the time of life that's chaotically wonderful. You're growing into your adult skin, molded from college mistakes-heartbreaks-and wish-to-do do-overs. You're considering your life and the kind of person you want to spend that life with. So where's the ring? Where's the bended-knee proposal? Where, where, where?

Well'p, I'm here to say...simmer your sauce and just get happy! Because you my belle - you are in store for something great. You are in store for a perfect beau, a perfect engagement, and a perfect life for you!

Trust me, there have been moments when I catch the envy-bug and throw a pity parade filled with red wine and reality shows but that's not what God intended me to do! He intended me to celebrate, to call my friends and ask for all the deets, and write the most fantastic blog full of their love stories!

So this is the most comforting piece of truth I can offer you for now - His timing is perfect. It's hard to wrap our restless, list-oriented mind around it but His timing is greater than our 'schedule.' And you know what schedule I'm talking about:

18 - Graduate from High School
22 - Graduate from College (in 4 years, of course during which you'll meet Mr. Oh-so-Right)
24 - Get engaged (to some J. Crew lookin' stud who looks great in khakis)
28 - Start a family (that will dress in cardigans and polos for the yearly Christmas card) 

Sound about right? I'm sure your grinning to yourself as I am. For most of us, this quality of 'planning' allows us to be organized, sufficient, and reliable. But it's also cripples us to a world we are passing by. So allow me to hop up on my soap box and say, 'Let go and let God.' 

Single belles, have you considered that He has better taste then you? That He has not quite prepared your heart for your perfect match; that the man that matches your worth is still working on himself? 

And to all my taken ladies waiting for the sparkler. There will be a moment when your hearts combined are prepared for a lifelong commitment. Because that's what it is, right? We have to believe we are preparing for a lifetime.   

So celebrate in celebrations! Throw out your schedule and be comfortable in your 'life stage.' And above all else, keep your heart wide open.

Dream BIG belles and settle for nothing but your insurmountable worth. 

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  1. Thank you for this blog entry! I needed to hear this little piece of motivation. Well said!