Little Hint or Total Surprise?

This weekend, I put on a cutesy new top, slipped on my cowboy boots and hopped into Jeff's truck. We met up with our friends, John and Jill for yummy margaritas, chips and queso, and the best enchiladas I've had in a hot minute!

Our conversations consisted of our Easter break, a group trip to Memphis, and upcoming business ventures. In the mix of it all, Jill asked my opinion on ring shopping. As many of you know, Jeff and I have been together for quite a while and I occassionally get asked, "When are y'all getting engaged?" to which I respond, "If you find out, don't tell me!"

I like surprises...No, no...I love surprises. That feeling you get when your heart jumps, and you laugh and cry uncontrollably. I. Love. That. Feeling. I may not love the awkward faces I make when showing my emotion but it's all worth it to me!

But, I know all belles are different. The element of surprise can make some anxious and uneasy. If you read the last page first in a book, you might be one of these people. And a lot of us girls would rather have a little input in the outcome of a surprise like an engagement. As far as a ring, you know what you like and you want it!

Here's the deal. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer to ring shopping. If y'all are both on the same page, do what'ya want! But as for me, all my beau needs to know is my ring size! (Which is a 5 1/2 if anyone wants to pass that tid-bit along)

And if all else fails, casually leave your 'Dream Ring' Pinterest board up on your computer when he stops by. Gotta get smart with it, belles!

Now, help a sister out. I want to know your opinion on all this hoop-la! Do ya want to go shopping with your beau for the rock or let him do the honors?

 Let me know what you prefer! Comment below and let your opinion be heard!

Have a wonderful week, loves! Be happy, smile often, love everyone!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring the photo I shot of Mattye's surprise proposal. That was about the sweetest thing I've ever witnessed. She had the most genuine reaction. Xo! Sarah DeShaw