10 Things

During a 'catch-up' call with my sweet friend Dania, the little lady inspired me to make a '5 Things' post. As the author of The Pink Smashbox Blog, she asked her readers to post their top 5 things that make them most happy.

Now I know, you are expecting some post about wedding-what-nots but how's about a little somethin' different? I sat down to consider some options and of course, I couldn't consolidate - so without further ado, below are 10 Things that make this belle tick...

 Picnics! I've only been on one in my life but I imagine it would be reminiscent of the good ol' days.

Hunter Wellies. The only thing that makes me excited about rain is the promise of wearing these waterproof wonders!

Schnauzers! I fell in love 14 years ago to a black schnauzer named Barkleigh. How can you resist these bearded pups? 

A clean room. Yes, I enjoy cleaning. A part of me finds it therapeutic. Another part of me contributes it to my mother. Saturday's were cleanin' days and your bed better be made before she gets home! 

Colors of Fall. Reminiscent of my drive home from college through the Tennessee mountains. The closer to home, the brighter the colors.

Surprises! Simply put...I love them. 

Planning. Wedding planning, event planning, party planning. I love it all. Turning someone's vision into a reality makes me giddy! This blog is my brain's sketchbook to ideas, galore! 

Merridee's Chicken Salad Sandwich. Oh baby. This Franklin, TN bakery featured in Southern Living's: The South's Best Bakeries serves up the best chicken salad on egg bread in the south! nom. nom.

Gas lanterns. A dash of New Orleans mixed with rustic warmness (equals) perfection. 

Franklin, TN. My hometown. Filled with antebellum homes, a beautiful downtown, great bakeries and pubs, scenic outskirts, and musicians to boot. 

Thank you Dania for this inspiring idea! I recon when it really comes down to it, it's not my phone-laptop-or ipod that makes me most happy. It's the smaller things in life we tend to look over. The lunches with good friends, road trips, rainy days, and the contentment of a tidy room.

Take a little time today and write down your '5 Things,' or '10 Things' in my case. It'll make ya smile, I promise!


  1. Merridee's curried chicken salad is so good! It's the perfect lunch during a girls' shopping day in Franklin, TN.

  2. yes to picnics-think that would make my top 10