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Hello belles and beaus! I'm sure many of you are in my boat...You know, the boat that sails to your best friend's engagement? And you always ponder...What to give her to say congratulations! Well, I hope to hit you up with some ideas tonight so let's get this par-tay started!

Lucky for y'all, I not only have an answer but I've got pics and directions to boot! Before I continue, keep in mind that the gift box below was made for my newly engaged, best friend (and yes, I got a little carried away). These are a few ideas that can be broken up into single gifts! Here we go...

I started at Hobby Lobby (craft stores are my worldly heaven), picked up a cardboard hat box, craft paper, canvas, burlap, and buttons. I also hit up Home Depot for white floor tiles (.16 a piece! Whoop Whoop!) This is what became of my purchases...

A box that Carly could hold all her wedding deets in 
How to: (1) Tear pieces of craft paper (2) Dip paper in water for two seconds and place aside (3) Coat a small area on the box with Elmer's glue (4) Place craft paper on glue, bunch to create uneven surface (5) once entire box is complete cover with two layers of Mod Podge for a protective gloss finish

Time: Only took me about 20 minutes (excluding Mod Podge finish) - 40 minutes total

Since my girl's monogram will soon change I wanted to give her little crafty coasters to celebrate!

How: (1) Coat plain tile with thin layer of Elmer's glue (2) Cut craft paper to size and place on top. (3) I used an X-Acto knife to cut out the letters, placed glue on backs and smoothed on top of paper (4) Three coats of Mod Podge (5) Hot glue thin cork board on bottom

Time: Entire project about 1 hour

A simple canvas to showcase her new last name with glittered buttons! (Picture doesn't do it justice)

How: (1) Canvas covered in burlap using hot glue gun (2) Spray adhesive the buttons and instantly sprinkle glitter (3) Place buttons where you like and hot glue them to canvas. (4) Simple tied ribbon attached to back with hot glue

Time: 1.5 hours (buttons took a while to dry completely)

Definitely hook her up with some new wedding mags! I also included some honeymoon and cooking magazines! (30 Minute Meals rocks!)

I had to hook the groom-to-be with a little somethin'-somethin' so I went to a local pastry shop and grabbed some wedding cake cupcakes. Yum to my Tum!

Lastly, top off your gift with some cutesy stationary! I got this card from a local shop downtown. How perfect?

I hope this helps you kids out in the future! Have a fantastic weekend and get'ta craftin'!

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