Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

Tis' the season...It's about every day that I am getting cutesy little invites that make my heart a'flutter. Since I eat this stuff up, I leaped at the chance to help Lauren Poche assemble her invitations! Had I known that I would rub my fingertips raw, I may have reconsidered (yea, right).

Here is the awesome thing about this chick's invitations. They were printed from a circa 1900 printing press by Blue Note Press. I know, I know...fresh faces like us don't know what I'm talking about so let me use a little technology to show you.

It's pretty incredible right? Every invitation is hand-feed. Total lost art in our high-paced society! But, I'm telling you, check out this place. Great prices and even better products! So let's get to the final product...

Do you love or do you love? Now on to Princess Lauren's shower invitations. These just have me tickled!
(Tea Luncheon, Lingerie Party, and Bridal Shower)

Last but certainly not least is my beautiful friendy, Kate's wedding invitations. Simple, lovely, and all together perfect. Loving the text and lone heart!

I hope these beautiful prints pressed your heart as they have mine! And don't forget to send an invite my way when it's your day! I'm ready to parrr-tayyy!

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