Now We're Engaged! Wooo!

Belles...go grab the Puffs Plus before hittin' play. As promised in an earlier post, this is the video of Carly and Jackson's engagement!

I always like to know the 'inside deets' before stuff like this so allow me to fill you in on some background information.

Carly and Jackson went with Carly's mom, Lori and Brooke (she recorded everything!) to see her two brothers play baseball in Jersey.

Before the game they planned to go to the Empire State Building but Carly wasn't feeling well (you will notice her "excitement" in the beginning of the vid). After her whining, the others managed to get her out of the hotel and on to a pretty stinkin' perfect day!

As they get to the top of the Empire State Building you will notice Jackson talking to Carly, kneel, and then they hug...Now here's the best part...minute 2:06 when my girl (after my own heart) pulls away to check out her ring! Perfection!

Now, at minute 3:34 she is getting off the phone saying "I'll have to call her downstairs." That 'her' she was talking about was me! Yep, there wasn't much service at the top (go figure) so all I heard on the phone was, "Emily! Guess what?" Indeed, she left me hanging for a solid 5 minutes while I was sweatin' it out in Louisiana!

As they got downstairs, Jackson surprised her with a limo and soon tells you the story of the engagement. All you southern girls prepare for Jackson's accent. It will make.you.melt.

So without further adieu...Let's roll the tears...

Just perfect, right? Now we can all go to bed with a little more love in our hearts...or possibly a little jealousy in our veins. Ahh...the romance.

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