Watch Your Elbows, Lady

This weekend I attended the Who's Who in 'I Do' Bridal Show at Generations Hall in New Orleans, LA. So, I am here to bring a few tips on how to brave the crowds, get good information, and what to expect.

Ladies, if you are not a bride...don't hesitate to march yourself right on in! Borrow your momma's ring, slap on the 'bride' sticker, and be a princess for the day! Grab a glass of complementary champagne and enjoy the unending cake samples. There is sure to be a fashion show to catch or centerpiece displays that are meant for your gawking.

Brides-to-be, there are a few things to have prepared before entering the room of bridezillas (yes, they will use elbow force if you are in their way of a desired booth). First, although I am sure you will want to look cute and sophisticated...wear comfortable shoes. Second, print out a page of labels that include your name, contact information, and wedding date. You can simply paste these on sign-in sheets at booths you are interested in hearing more about. Third, bring a camera! There are cakes, centerpieces, and dresses that you will want to remember for later. Take an idea and make it your own! And lastly, don't...and I repeat don't drag your fiancé to these things! It is a room full of overwhelmed women...ooing and ahhing, pushing and shoving, and they simply don't want any part of it. You can bring information home and discuss it over a beer but please don't torture the man.

Most of all, have fun! Take advantage of the multitude of photo booths and take your time to take it in. We're girls and we like this kind of stuff. It is your turn to be Who's Who in I Do!

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  1. I have been to two bridal shows and I LOVE all things wedding BUT it was insane! The first one I made the mistake of taking my fiance - we were there for a total of 30 minutes. The second one was with my mom and we kept losing each other and getting PUSHED around! These ladies and their moms are crazy! Great idea with the labels - I wish I would have done that!