We Got Spirit! Yes We Do!

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Hello my sport-lovin' belles! Whether you're a Rebel, Bulldog, Eagle, Tiger, or Tide, we all have an equal love of college sports. Sure, we may not know much but as long as we yell...
"Come on ref! You gotta be kidding me!" or,
"Nice slant route, 25!"
...we're covered while our beaus munch on game-day hors d'oeuvres and throw back a few cold ones.

I know that your wedding day is something you've imagined since you were a nugget-child and ya' man just plans on showing up but I've found some awesome additions you can incorporate to make him feel a part!

Did y'all meet in college or have a favorite sports team? Check out some chic ways to use sports without your reception lookin' like a man-cave.

To say I'm obsessed with these spirit flag centerpieces would be an understatement. Perfectly done. Not over the top, in a beautiful mix of spring flowers. Genius. 

While consulting in South Carolina I had the opportunity to assist in day-of coordinating for a wedding reception at Williams-Brice Stadium at USC. The Zone is a reception hall overlooking the Gamecock football field! Awesome, I know. Ask your school if they offer services like this. It's a great way to get all your college friends back for a night of celebration!

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Have you considered a special gift for your guy the day of? How about a hand-written note exclaiming your excitement with spirited cufflinks as the associated gift!

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If you're having a seating chart, throw in a little school spirit with these seating cards...

Old-school get away cars are my fav! So classy and timeless. Show a bit of your personality with a decorative caboose. The one below hit the nail on the head! Creative and adorable.

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One of the easiest areas to show your school pride is through the grooms cake. Make this one a surprise for the beau. He'll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and of course every man loves sweets!

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I've saved my favorite for last! Many schools have a specific flower. As for my alma mater, Southern Miss, we claim the Black-eyed Susan. This black and gold flower is close to all Golden Eagle hearts. Bringing in this in is an awesome way to subtlety show school pride, whether it's in the centerpieces or bouquets.

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Now, go grab your ole' faithful college tee, and get some school spirit! 

Go team! Go belles! 

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