Family Tradition

A few days ago I was stumped.While trying to round up some good ole' southern wedding traditions there was one that had me scratching my head. So, I'll start with the burying of the bourbon and move on to some others we may be a little more familiar with!

Let's get started...

Burying of Bourbon
So the tradition goes, if you bury bourbon (unopened and upside down) where you will say your vows, it won't rain on your wedding day. This is to be done exactly one month prior to the nuptials to keep the clouds from cryin'! Since we love saying "I do" in the outdoors down here, this might not be such a bad idea.


Veil Pass-down
Need something old or something borrowed? Incorporate a family member's veil into your ensemble. Fortunately veils are pretty timeless so ask around, try 'em on, and save a few bucks!


Groom Pass-down
If your groom is keeping his suit, consider stitching a special pocket inside the jacket made of fabric from a father or grandfather's suit. Passed down pocket squares are also a quick way to include generations passed.

For where two or three of them come together in my name, there am I with them (Matthew 18:20). What better way to prepare yourself for the steps down the aisle, than a special moment of prayer over the bride and groom?

I'm sure if you look around in mom-mom's old cupboard, you're bound to find some great lace. I love this idea for the cake table!  

Dad's First Look
The love a dad has for his daughter is like no other. If your pops is a cry-baby like mine, have the photographer ready to catch his reaction when he sees you for the first time. Precious and heart-tugging.

Grandma's cookin'
If your grandma makes amazing fudge like mine, make it a favor! She will love to be a part of your wedding details and will surely be flattered that you want to share her talents with all of your guests!

Cake Pulls
The bridesmaids will love this! Cake pulls have a different charm at each end, nestled into the cake, with each meaning something different. Look around at bridal shows and boutiques for charms that represent the city you're gettin' married in! I must say, New Orleans cake pulls are some of the best!

The belles and beaus love tradition because it seems to bring the wholesome, good, use-to-be feeling to our special day and this can mean many things. Whether it's passed down lace for a cake table, your mother's veil, or your grandma's peanut butter fudge...it means something to you, and that will make for an original, beautiful wedding.

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  1. love this! I am a wedding planner myself and just got engaged in december so planning my own as well! I will def. be doing the bourbon bury tradition! Love your blog! xoxo Jess