His Best

Guess what friends? Tomorrow's Friday! Go ahead and say aloud with me...Woo Hoo! And before I go any further, you must know that I recently saw Ms. Marian Jordan speak. She is an outstanding author and speaker and a pretty powerful woman of God. Marian spoke on some awesome stuff so now I'd like to share with you!

But what does Marian Jordan have to do with weddings (since that's what Southern Bells is all about!)? Well'p along with your wedding comes a groom. Right? Wait, did you forget...In 'pinning' all the dresses, cakes, and burlap pics, you didn't find the perfect man to post on your 'Dream Wedding' board? (Shut up, I know you have one.)

Brace yourself because I'm about to tell you something your teacher may have skipped in grade school...No man is perfect. Not even those with pressed khakis and pastel button-ups. So it's time for us 'dreamers' to get over it. No man can fulfill all of our needs, always get us the perfect Valentines day gift, say the right things, or remember what you ordered on y'alls first date. We need something bigger than a man, a partner, a frat-daddy, or a husband. And I mean big. Like, God big. 

Marian said it best, "Only God can fill your God spot." That hole in the pit of our stomach that can't be filled with The Notebook and a big peperoni pizza.You gettin' what I'm dishin'? And don't get me wrong, there are really great guys out there, mine included. Who are kind, thoughtful, and remember you like mustard on your sausage biscuits. But they will let us down, at one time or another, as we will similarly.

As I traveled last year for my sorority I met many girls, most who asked, "So, do you have a boyfriend?" (Consultants, you know what I'm talking about). All to which I said yes, as they proceeded to tell me about their love lives. The ladies that got my heart stirring, were those that told me less-than-stellar stories about their beaus. You know, the guys that don't call...the guys that aren't ready for a commitment...the guys that aren't worthy of that girl's heart.

"God wants you to have His best. He made our souls to know what we (our hearts) are designed to do" said Marian. Yep. Let that one sink in. Jesus fought for us. Fought to show us the absolute meaning of love. So, don't settle on less than His best. Don't let your heart be complacent in 'comfortable.'

Remember you are worth it. You are worth lots and lots of love. And when you do find that man, the one that will accept you and all your faults, the one who's faults you will accept, the one that can go on your 'Dream Wedding' Pinterest board...you can be confident in knowing that God, of love unfailing, brought you to His best.

Love y'all lots and lots,
Belle of the Blog

Click HERE to check out Marian's website, more about her, and the awesome books you've got to read!


  1. beautiful!!! I love you and am glad we got to experience Marian together. Thank God for God's unfailing NEVER-ENDING love!!!!

  2. Love it! I totaly agree! Praise Jesus!