Be a Gem...

Attention ladies (and the four guys that read SB, including my father)...I beg of your help because, yep, I'm living vicariously through my sweet sorority sister, Ms. Amanda Nettles. Recently this belle's beau put a ring on it and now they have a chance to win big! They are currently in a race to receive...

Now, I know we are all bursting with envy but join with me in helping them win this absolutely amazing opportunity. Because if you do...and they win...then I'll blog...and for a few precious moments, we can pretend we were right there with them. Right there, kissing beneath the fireworks, and hopping in a car to enjoy tea and crumpets in Paris!

So, go on...be a gem and vote for our fellow belle! If all my readers vote once a day, there's no way we can't sweep the competition! 

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