Backyard Belle

I know y'all can't get enough of the 'real weddings' so I present to you one of the cutest of them all. Mrs. Katelyn Bryant (formally Ellzey) was married in a backyard ceremony and reception surrounded by friends, family, lights and mason jars. Before I show you the fancy photos, read a little more about Kate and Landon's story...

"Landon has been one of my closest friends through every huge milestone of life. We met in elementary school and became close friends during middle school, high school, and college. We never dated or even entertained the thought of a romantic relationship, because our friendship was such that he was pretty much my other half, be default. One night a couple of years ago in October, we were sitting in his parent's driveway, and the conversation lead to a mutual agreement that we belonged together...followed by our first kiss.

That is how it has been since...no questions asked...all or nothing. He asked me to marry him on the beach one night during my family vacation. We were sitting under the stars by the water talking about how peaceful we felt and how happy we were together when he pulled out the ring box out and asked me to be his wife. I feel unbelievably lucky and undeserving of such love."  -Katelyn

Katelyn's beautiful backyard (Blackbird Photography)

Kate and Landon (Blackbird Photography)

Adorable, right? (Blackbird Photography)

Kate and her bridesmaids (Blackbird Photography)

I indulged in root-beer floats, popcorn, and cupcakes galore. Oh, and might I mention, I caught the bouquet (whoop whoop)!

Thank you, Kate and Landon for allowing me to be a part of your special day! It was beautiful, retro, and altogether lovely. May you have all the happiness you deserve! 

Special thanks to Blackbird Photography for the use of all the above photos!  

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