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This weekend I facilitated a recruitment workshop for 120 sorority girls. Now, those who aren't familiar with the ins & outs of sorority rush there is one thing we are sure to drill and that is...how to make a first impression. So it got me thinking, what would I consider the first impression of a wedding?

Invitations are no longer just an invite; they are decorated cardstock that should tell a story, your story. Now, hear me say this...I don't want you spendin' an arm and a leg. A five piece invitation kit is sure to impress but is sure to join the scraps in less than a month.

So let's talk options. I love maps. If you are having a wedding in a tourist hot-spot make a map of not only where you'll wed but also hangouts you & your groom frequent (sports arenas, zoos, lake fronts).

Plantation (old south) weddings make me weak in the knees so if this is your plan, consider highlighting your venue with a hand sketched card. There's nothing I love more than a new drawing of old oaks.

Now, I am sure you'll all agree that there's nothin' better than a good love story. A timeline of a couples courtship tucked in an envelope would have me smiling and tearing up all at the same time. The invitation below pulled at my heart strings and is worthy of some Ooo's and Ahh's.

Now to top it all off, ponder your postage! Below are Martha Stewarts suggestions for (1)Garden Weddings, (2)City Celebrations, (3)Beach Parties, & (4)Mountain Nuptials. Simply put...love, love, love.

Remember, these can be inexpensive. Ask an artsy friend to draw you out a map, Photoshop a picture of your venue, or get a card company to make one example and color copy the rest on thick cardstock. Quote to leave you with:

To impress I suggest to request all the best.

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  1. I'm in loooove with the map and the timeline ideas! I'll keep them in my back pocket for the right time :)