" Carry Kleenex "

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Now that I am in my twenties, made mistakes, and learned valuable lessons I can now say, without rolling my eyes, she was right. Mothers are a precious gift that temperamental, teenage girls (world on the brink of ending) can take for granted. So, as an ode to the women who told us so, I have chosen to share a delightful and heartfelt story of a mothers experience watching her beautiful daughter shop for a wedding dress!

                "When we arrived at our first boutique, it was a bit overwhelming. As we sat in a sea of wedding dresses, the bridal assistant quizzed Lauren on all the wedding details and her budget. Soon they were pulling dresses and Lauren put on her slip. It was in that moment, as she began twirling in the white slip that a lump began to grow in my throat. The time was here, no turning back...my girl is about to become a princess. As the assistant, Caroline slipped the dress over Lauren's head, the tears were instantaneous. At that moment, the twenty-two year old faded away, and my little five year old was playing dress-up in a tiny white wedding gown and veil. I knew immediately that this was 'the dress.' One hour and ten dresses later, Lauren also knew she had found her dress, and it was that very first dress."

Do you have advise for future mother's-of-the-bride?

                "Mom, carry Kleenex with you! Trust me, you're going to need them. And mom, you had your chance to choose your dress, let her have her chance."

Lauren, age 5

Thank you Mrs. Cindy Poché for sharing your story! I know Lauren is so lucky to have a mother like you on her side!

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