Throw A Flag!

With a shower 'round the corner, I spent today doing a little crafting for centerpieces! So I thought I'd share my DIY spirit flags! The best part is, these can be made for any event...football get-togethers, baby showers, or high school graduations. Just pick out your colors in scrapbook paper and pull out the craft supplies!

The invite was my first inspiration...

Step One: 
3 inch triangle base cut with a straightedge using a ruler as my guide.

Step Two:
Glue stick about 3/4s the way up beginning at the point to the base. You can turn and mold the paper to give it a little wave once the glue is applied. Leave the base without glue. 

Step Three: 
Hot glue a kabob skewer between the unglued craft paper.

I thought the final product was a little plain so I pulled out some jute to ad one more touch...

Step four:
Punch holes at the top and bottom of the flags and tie jute knots.

So cute right? Put two or three flags in a mason jar with flowers and you've got the perfect centerpiece!

With the extra flags I spruced up a gift bag!

Y'all have a wonderful week and get excited...Southern Bells and Savage Pearl Girl are pairing up for a hand crafted card giveaway very soon!

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