5 Things...

Well'p y'all...It's time for this Tennessee native's first hurricane. Yep, Isaac has forced me indoors for the past two days and I'm getting antsy from utter boredom.

I know a lot of my readers are in the path of this grumpy guy so I thought I'd tell you the 5 things that's making my time worthwhile.


Looks like I got the new Southern Living magazine just in time! This issue features the best college football tailgating spots and yummy food to go along with it. So good.


My new favorite chap-stick is this Maybelline Baby Lips. They come in about 5 different colors but these are the two I picked at Target... hot pink and cherry red. They look awesome on my smackers! 


I've been practicing my 'mod-calligraphy' during extended time on the couch. I'm using a fine point sharpie and bolding all the down strokes. The swirls and flags are extra touches to add a little pizzazz! 


I couldn't resist grabbing The Hunger Games before the storm began Tuesday. Consequently, I've been rocking the side braid since. Team Katniss. 


Nothing gets you through a gloomy day like good ole' mac-n-cheese. I'll be nursing on this batch until it's all gone. Nom. Nom.

(one to grow on.)

I've been doing some online shopping for some Scentsy gifts. If you're totally behind the times...these are the best smelling things next to Yankee Candles! They even have a 'Bride that is Beautiful' scent. Check out my sweet aunt's page by clickin' on the pic!  

What are y'all doing to stay dry? Any good reads or recipes? Online shopping? Holler at us with your 5 things! 

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  1. Well out here in CA, the weather has been so unpredictable! Nothing like a hurricane of course, but with it being 60 degrees on day and 90 the next it's hard to figure out when to wear shorts or jeans!
    I read the Hunger Games in like, 2008, but I still haven't watched the movie! How was it? Good luck and stay safe :)