You're My Everything.

Saturday night I slipped on my SJP inspired pink dress (ruffles included) and sparkly Steve Maddens and headed to the wedding of Drew and Shannon Etheridge.

Mind you, this was my first Catholic wedding so-besides the failed attempts to kneel at the appropriate times, I loved it. I mean, the church was beautiful and it didn't hurt that the wedding party was equally as good looking.

The reception was wonderful, set at a beautiful plantation and was soon kicked off by the wedding party dance. Oh yes, they did. And it was awesome.

As Jeff and I began to snag chicken ka-bobs and chardonnay we thought the rest of the night's entertainment would be led by the DJ. Were we wrong! But, man was it great... Take a look at some of Drew's good friends serenading the couple with a wedding rap. (Please forgive my holler'n)

Let me end by saying that the evening was a simply...fun. It was filled with dancing, singing, eating and drinking and best of all, it seemed as if the room was filled with great friends having a great time. Drew and Shannon-Thank you for allowing me to experience your big day with you and I wish you all the best in the future.

Southern Miss! To The Top!  


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Do Me a Favor

Hello my southern oak sun-shines! Now I know I have touched on this subject before, I am thinkin' we need a little refresher, yes? Favors for ya' favorites. Sorry I have to say this but, favors are a waste of your money. I know...these people drove from miles away and bought you a duvet (but) I don't think they'll care if they leave with 'love lip balm' or not.

So why don't we get started. I am warning you now...there are mason jars in just about all of them. I can't help it, you know me!

Have a special grandmother that can cook her can off? Does she have a recipe that you can put in a mason jar? Just print off some precious labels, tie a ribbon and send them with your guest. What person doesn't like a unique, homemade dessert? (Nom. Nom. Nom.)

(cupcakes in a mason jar. love.)

This is the perfect parting gift for a fall/winter wedding! Once again, ad that southern touch with a mason jar and paper doily, fill it with yummy hot chocolate and marshmallows and top it off with a personal stamp!

I know I've told y'all about candy bars before but I can't tell you how easy it is to DIY! Scope out deals at places like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Goodwill and your momma's pantry and build this yourself. Place gift bags on the table so they can leave with some sweet treats! 

Ok, we're friends by now, right? So we can be honest with each other. We all like pictures of ourselves. Think about it...Take a picture of the Grand Canon then put yourself in the picture. Which are you going to frame? (that's what I thought) Let your guest leave with a memory of what a great time they had at your wedding! Get them in front of that camera and let them shake it like a Polaroid picture!

(fun at work)
I hope you all have a wonderful, sunny weekend! Throw on that cute white dress and cowboy boots and work what'cha momma gave ya! Cheerio!


For Richer or for...Richer

Westminster Abbey by Phillip Martin

Pip pip, Cheerio my commoners! The time has arrived for me to give you the lowdown on this high-nosed wedding. Now, since the affair between William and Kate was about 4 hours I am going to fill you in on a few of my favorite highlights.

First thing's first, Kate's dress. But before we get started I'll have you know that I had a mean ol' anonymous blogger comment on a post of mine mocking my grammar so this description is for you buck-o...It was toats Ah-Mazing! Form-fitting, lace, with an elegant train. I couldn't have asked for more! Bravo miss Kate. Bravo.

Let's get serious for a moment. In your 4 a.m. delusion did you snicker a bit when Kate said, "for richer or poorer." I think there is a slight chance I saw a little smirk from her as well. I mean, really? How about "for richer or...even richer." Yep, that sounds more like it. Ah, royals...

My girl Pippa (Kate's sister and maid of honor) looked the bomb.com. Needless to say, her derrière stole the show and that dress was simply breathtaking! I have a hunch that a lot of wedding dresses will start to emulate this one.

Will and Kate, sittin' in a tree...How about those two smooches on the Buckingham Palace balcony? Every romantic bone in my body got all fuzzy at once and then came my complete and total envy!

A few new things you're gonna' love about this princess party:
Kate's tiara (circa 1936) was given to Queen Elizabeth by her mother for her 18th birthday.
The bridal bouquet was made of myrtle from a tree which grew from a cutting of Queen Victoria's own bridal bouquet. It also had a bit of the 'Sweet Willam' flower in it. Adorable, right?
When Kate met William at the alter he said to her, "You look lovely. You look beautiful."
Then leaned over to her father and jokingly said, "This was supposed to be a small family affair." Oh, Will...you've got me in stitches! 

So in conclusion, I have this to say...William, you will always be my childhood crush and dashing prince. And, Kate-you were beautiful, elegant, and altogether lovely. Now take that slammin' bod on your honeymoon and have a tall beer now that the bloody Queen's not breathing down your neck.

Until next time you can find me prancin' around in my Wellies speaking in an English accent. Farewell!