The Belle Ties Her Beau

Ah...my sweet Abby-girl. One of the most beautiful ladies I know and fellow sorority sister is engaged! Abs and I are in the same pledge class but the moment I really got to know her was when we were the ultimate tag-team as president and recruitment chair of Phi Mu. I recon you really get to know someone after 24 hours of no sleep and memorization of entirely too many PNM's (potential new members). She's a wonderful girl, inside and out and Wes is one lucky guy to have swooped her up! Here's the story of their meeting, the proposal, and sweet words Abby wrote about Wes. (Get ready, I cried...what's new?)

How did you and Wes meet?

I just moved home from college and started a job in my hometown of Mobile, AL. I decided to see what the nightlife was like as a recent grad so on October 15th, 2010 some friends and I hit the Corner Bar. I, of course had zero intent of meeting my future husband...I wanted to be a single woman. However, I noticed Wes right away and thought he was super cute. He was with a group of his guy friends (playing it cool...as usual). Wes, with his wild and crazy best friend, Flynn, sent me a 'Baby Bom' from across the bar (so romantic, right?) I naturally thought it was meant for my friends because Flynn was familiar with the two girls I was with. Later that night, Wes asked for my phone number. I hesitated because I usually refuse to give out my number when a guy first asks...but for some reason, I went against my rule of thumb (work for those digits) and gave it to him.

Give us the deets about the proposal!

I was Birmingham bound (or so I thought) for a girls weekend with Heather and Amanda. Wes was driving me and Amanda because he had to pick up some things from his house in Birmingham. Before leaving, Amanda called to tell me she was running late, which was perfect because Wes still had to pick up fishing poles from his friend's house. Wes and I headed across the bay to a house "right off the Causeway" to pick up the "fishing poles." As we approached the beautiful house I began taking pictures...referring to it as something I'd seen on Pinterest.

I ranted and raved about how I want to live on the bay, enjoy wine on the pier, and drink coffee (with sexy cream). We walked out to the pier on the Fairhope side of Mobile to get the fishing poles...(note: I'm still clueless). I hear Wes saying, "Hello Abby, I'm over here" as I am still attempting to tweet pictures of the 'Pinterest' house. I nonchalantly say, "What?"-glace up - look back to my phone - then whipped my head back around. He was on one knee with my dream ring, roses, and champagne.

We watched the sunset, then headed back across the bay for dinner. We went to the Bull where (surprise #2) my parents and his parents were there. We reminisced over how we came to be with the people who set the best examples of what marriage should be for us. We went to the Tavern at the Renaissance Battle House Hotel (historic & beautiful) for celebratory drinks. There (surprise #3) were my friends! Waterworks and more...waterworks. Wes truly made it special for me. He worked so hard to make it the most precious night of my life. I was so, so, so surprised! (I'm a snooper, and he managed to pull one on me).

What do you love most about Wes?

How do I put this into words? All I can say is when I think about him, I can't stop smiling.

My mother has always given me the best advice (mother is always right) and after our first date she told me, as I grinned from ear to ear, that Wes was in my life for a reason. I love the way he treats me and with him it's easy. It just fits. He is a gentleman, true gentleman with class and humility. He is driven, determined, smart, athletic, and competitive. He finds a way to connect with everyone, even in a crowd, he makes each and every person feel comfortable. But yet, he's a bad a**. He is an amazing friend with strong character and understands what is most important in life. He loves his mother and Granna! He makes me want to be the very best I can, always supporting me and pushing me in all aspects of my life. Most of all, he makes me feel not just loved, but cherished. Mom was right, again. He was put in my life for a reason...to be my best friend, life partner, father of my future (way future) children, and my husband!!

What'cha started planning so far?

Picked the church. We both value our relationship with God. Wes, Mr. and Mrs. Hunter, and myself went to look at the Cathedral in downtown Mobile the very next morning. (I'm talkin' 9 a.m. after the celebration the night before.)

Tell us your perfect wedding in 3 words.

Family, Friends, and Fun!

Congratulations Wes and Abby!

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  1. Congrats! Pretty sure Wes doesn't even own a fishing pole. See ya'll in November!