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Today is your lucky day...you are about to fall in love with a new website other than facebook (and Southern Bells, of course). It's called...

Forgive me if you've already been there-done that but I have come out from under my rock and experienced this awesome site that has me hooked! How many times have you found a picture you love online (wedding dress, party favors, or perfect Tory Burch boots)? You save the pic to a folder on your desktop then the day you want to see it again, you can't remember the website. Then you exclaim...Son Of A Tori Burch!

Some things I've pinned:

Well, at Pinterest you can 'pin' any photo to a personalized style board and it will automatically save the site where it was found!

Products I love
My Style
For the Home

And don't fret, when you join you will be paired with people who have similar interests so you can get'ta pinin' right away. So go ahead, give it a try. Check out some of my style boards to see what all the fuss is about!

Happy Monday Belles & Beaus! 

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