Go to any tailgate in the south, and you're bound to find beanbags flying through the air. I'm talkin' the bag 'n board game of cornhole! My favorite kind'a competition, cornhole allows you to play without breaking a sweat, all-the-while holding a cold drink in your 'non-throwing' hand.

So it had me thinking, how awesome would this be to have at an outdoor reception? It's a fun idea for the kids, grandparents, or the 3-drinks-in groomsmen.

Now it's time for my shameless plug...My papa-bear and little brother have started their own cornhole business,

I've posted some of their work so far and the final products are just amazing! Check out their facebook page for contact information and pricing! 


I Saw the Sign

As weddings are becoming more DIY...a whole lot'a signs are popping up on Pinterest to get our creative juices flowing. A tiny jot adorning your day is a-little-somethin' cute to entice your guest's course. I wanted to share a few of my fave's with y'all!

Are you opting for no ushers or do you have uneven family sizes? This would be a perfect option for you!

Oh my gracious...Precious idea for bathroom specifications!

Instagram is the new Facebook Photo Upload! Ask your guests to #hashtag any photos taken on your big day so you can enjoy them later! 

Sweet quote perfect for outside the ceremony.

Little note for all your girls primping in the bathroom...Consider putting gum and travel size hairsprays in the bathroom for their convenience, too!

Great option in lieu of ceremony programs! 

As for me...wedding planning is slow and steady! We have booked a church and photographer and hope to have an awesome reception venue booked soon! But you know me...I'm excited to start working on the small things! DIY is my middle name! 

Have an awesome week belles and beaus!