Wake Up & Smell the Coffee

Top o' the mornin' to ya lassies! I've got something you're going to pour over so ch-ch-check it out! I know y'all love some DIY tricks and this one's cheap, fun, easy, and...thebomb.com.

It's what we'll call dyed coffee filter pom-poms! Let's talk moolah...for 10 bucks you can get 1,000 coffee filters! With some string and fabric dye you've got yourself a to-dye-for decoration!

Take a look at just what I mean...


Just a Girl

Gia Canali & Sarah Remington
Now let's talk How To! Mix a large bowl of warm water and powdered dye. Dip individual filters in the dye for varying amounts of time to make lighter and darker tones, hang on a line and let dry. As flirty side-effect the die gathers around the edges, giving it a vintage, floral effect (so awesome!). Punch a hole in each, gather 5 to 10 filters, tie in place and fluff!

Molly Bermea
You could complete an entire room for less than $100! Go ahead and say it...Holy Moly! So going along with the theme of today check out similar creations with cupcake liners. Oh so retro.

Wedding 101
Too Stinkin' Cute

Now for my last hoorah...check out this bouquet of roses surrounded in...yep...coffee filters. Tell me it's awful, and I'll tell ya we are not on speaking terms.

The Coffee Filter Bride
So tomorrow morning, rather than grabbing your tall, non-fat, double, extra-hot, wet cappuccino head to Target, grab some coffee liners and get ta' craftin'! Love you lots ladies (and hopeful some gents)!

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On one more note...for an awesome summer read, please check out Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo. Truly life changing!


Ring My Bell...

Hello my polling princesses! I need your help! It's time to revamp Southern Bells blog a bit and we're going to start with a new logo! Before I go any further, let me share with you a some of my inspiration through a little style board...

To bring in the 'Southern-ness' I was thinking earth tones (antique pinks, smokey grey, & accents of green). I feel in love with the pinks in the models outfit above! And as far as text, I wanted to go with the hand-written 'girly' font on the same lines as Southern Weddings and Audra Bender.

Then I let my girl, Katherine Rainey (photo on left) take over! I tell y'all what...this girl is good! I first noticed her talent while she served as t-shirt chair for the Phi Mu chapter at University of South Carolina and knew she would get into my head and produce somethin' great!

Now it's your turn! Please vote on what logo you're lovin' and check in soon to see which one takes the cake!


Thank you my magnolia mommas! 

Websites/Photographs used in style board:
Model: Chictopia


Simple & Rustic

Hello belles! Long time, no blog but I am confident that this one will make up for my absence! I bring to you a beautiful wedding from my college town of Hattiesburg, MS (Southern Miss To The Top!) so grab your boots because these photos are going to knock your socks off!

Adam Hudson

I would like to introduce you to Tori and Nathan Mayo. Now, I may be biased because Tori is my Phi Mu sista...but her stunning southern style can surely speak for itself! So, let me share their story with you!

Give us the deets on your inspiration, style, and location:

Nathan and I both love the outdoors, so I knew the wedding would be outside! Originally, I wanted a rustic barn wedding but just couldn't find the right setting in Hattiesburg. So, I began thinking of other options when I thought of Mr. Lawerence and Mrs. Bonnie Warren (lifelong friends of my mother). Soon, my mom asked if we could host the wedding at their house and they said YES! I was so excited to start the planning at such a beautiful place!

I knew I wouldn't need to do much as far as decorations because the setting was already perfect. Now the goal was to make everything simple and rustic! My mom and I began collecting mason jars, lanterns, burlap, wood, and grapevine and with time it all came together!

Adam Hudson

Adam Hudson

 Tell us more about the story of you and Nathan:

Nathan and I have known each other our entire lives! I have a picture of us in the 3rd grade with 'I love Tori' and 'I love Nathan' painted on our faces. (We used this picture a lot at the wedding!) I always knew we'd get married so we didn't date in high school because I didn't want to mess anything up! We first started dating as soon as we graduated and here we are now! He is truly my best friend.

How did you feel about the planning process?

Planning the wedding was stressful but I really enjoyed it! It was a big wedding, so being outdoors came with it's struggles as you don't have all the amenities of a normal venue. We had to rent tents, lights, generators, and even bathrooms!! It was a lot of work but it was all worth it in the end!

Adam Hudson

Adam Hudson

Any last thoughts about your special day?

I am so blessed to have such an amazing family and great friends who worked so hard to make our special day possible. Thank you to the Warren's for allowing us to use their gorgeous home! It was everything I have always dreamt of and more! I feel like everything about the wedding fit Nathan and I perfectly and couldn't have asked for a more wonderful day!

Thanks for sharing your story, Tori! You were a beautiful bride and I wish you both all the happiness in the future!


Location: Home of Lawerence & Bonnie Warren
Caterer: Melanie Walker
Photographer: Adam Hudson
Wedding Planner: Melanie Nunnaly
Band: Memphis Soul
Dress: Lazaro
Florist: Blooms