How To: Polish Your Party

G'day my lovely ladies! Tis' time to fill your heads with dreamy details of your delightful day! On my recent flight to Atlanta, I thumbed through The Knot magazine and couldn't help but drool over some party details that are original, timeless, and oh...so awe-inspiring. As always I searched for snapshots and summaries and now it's your turn to take a peek. Shall we?

Having an outdoor wedding? Near water? Or does your groom just love boats? Purchase (or borrow) an old canoe or rowboat, fill it with ice and top it off with your favorite beer! (Side note: keep an eye on the groomsmen, they will surely find a way to row it to their own private island)

This is one I adore! These paper cones holding flowers are shabby chic at its finest. Design these to hang on pews or chairs along the aisle. Purchase hollow craft cones for less than one dollar and cover in your favorite scrapbook paper. Add ribbon, buttons, and cloth flowers to amp up the DIY look.

'Circus-esque' banners are a big trend right now. They are whimsical, vintage, and all-together awesome! To make it all-the-better, you can make them yourself!

Purchase craft paper or burlap fabric (cut and glue to ribbon) and you got yourself an original art piece! Place these on the bride and groom chair, behind the head table, or at a photo booth for your guest.

You will be receiving plenty of cards full of well wishes (and hopefully some moo-lah) so purchase a vintage wooden box to hold them during the reception. I found this Hires Root Beer box on Etsy.com for only 30 bucks!  

Time to top off this post with some wedding advice from your guests. Consider designing a Mad Libs card for your friends and family to fill out. These will certainly induce laughter and can be easily put in a scrapbook to keep forever! Certainly sensational, Undoubtedly unforgettable.

I am here to tell you this: Be the Belle of the Ball and Damsel of the Details! Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend and sassed out in your pastels and prints.

Love your-
Nashville Native, Raggin' Cajun, & Mississippi Queen


April Showers Bring May Flowers

Let me make this perfectly clear, this girl loves some flowers! - For my birthday, holidays, anniversaries, or really any reason at all (let's get serious). Throughout the past weeks of blog research I have stumbled upon photos of my favorite table decorations and bouquets and it is time to share them with you! Let's get started...
(I am eatin' up the white table mixed with iron chairs. And, how budget-friendly are the awesome plants?)

How perfect would this bouquet (flower: anemones) be with a simple white and black color pallet for your traditional, southern wedding? I can just see it now, he in a black tux and I in a white ball gown (sigh).

Now, you know I am always thinking of ways to save and this centerpiece is adorable and affordable. The little splash of color is just enough to get me giddy.

Let me introduce you to my favorite bouquet I have come across yet. Cotton branches, Caramel Antike garden roses, magnolia leaves and pods, and green crape myrtle berries (this all sums up to be ah-mazing). Pair this with a sophisticated antebellum wedding and you are sure to get some jealous stares from mean Aunt Mildred.

Perfect in every way.

Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday and don't shun me for blogging so late. See you Sunday lovers!


Not my typical video post but this couple seems so in love that I just ate it up. And, let's get real...Emily loves some Converse.


A Day Late & A Dollar Short

Hello beautifuls! As much as I would love to post today, I am currently visiting the beau in Louisiana and tonight is my last night (tear). I am going to take advantage of this amazing weather and kick it with a movie, popcorn, and maybe a little wine. Interviewed with a great wedding venue today so keep me in your prayers tonight for good news tomorrow. See you on the flip-side!

'Louisiana Meal' -Blair Thrall

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Sealed with a Kiss

Belles beware, my detective skills are in full force today and I am ready to share my findings! During my morning meditation (OK, more like thoughts over Fruit Loops and E! News) I started to think about the quintessential wedding traditions and why we do them. So, let's get started, shall we?

Father of the Bride (walking down the aisle):
Long before women's rights and the 1920's, brides were literally handed over by their fathers. Women (often at birth) were bound to one man and later in life were 'given away.'

Seating for Families:
A marriage in ancient times would be set to bring order and peace with warring clans (aka, intrusive in laws). To prevent the claws from comin' out during the nuptials the families were seated on opposite sides of the church.

Bride Standing on the Left:
According to ancient bridal books (you caught me, there's no such thing) it was common for the bride to be kidnapped and held for ransom. To protect the blushing 'booty' the bride was placed on the groom's left in order to leave his sword-hand free in case he had to defend her. So stinkin' noble, right?

Meaning of Wedding Bands:
The Greeks believed that the forth finger on the left hand has a vein that leads directly to the heart. The circle shape represents eternal love and adoration.

Kissing the Bride:
In the Roman Empire, a kiss between a couple symbolized a legal bond ("Sealed with a kiss.") They believed that a kiss was a way to join each others souls. (And, a side note...please don't play tonsil hockey during your wedding. Grandma didn't sign up for a preview of the honeymoon.)

Now, although your beau may not be equipped with sword and shield on your big day, these traditions define what makes weddings so special today. So as you walk down the aisle to stand on the left, put that pretty round ring on your forth finger and seal it all with a smooch.